Lawn and Garden Equipment Rental near Overland Park, KS

  3 Hour Rate4 Hour RateDaily RateWeekly Rate
Aerator 4HP 18"$55.0063.00$90.00$360.00
Bill Goat/Blue Bird Verticutter ​with Seeder Box$55.00$59.00$84.00$336.00

Bluebird & Billy Goat Vertislicer/ Verticutters$45.00$52.00$74.00$296.00

Bluebird & Billy Goat Power Rakes

18" Sod Cutter$67.00$95.00$380.00
18" Tiller$45.00$89.00$356.00
8HP Tractor with Tiller ​for breaking untilled ground$60.00$150.00$600.00

9HP Bed Edger
​Available Blades: edging, dog fence/low voltage wire, and sprinkler system.

Weed Eater$30.00$45.00$135.00

40cc Brush Cutter$40.00$60.00$180.00

30" Hedge Trimmer ​(Gas Powered)$48.00$80.00$230.00

30" Hedge Trimmer ​(Electic Powered)$32.00$53.00$159.00

Even Spreader$8.00$12.00$36.00

Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow$8.00$12.00$36.00

Back Pack Blower$35.00$140.00
Brush Cutter 13HP 24"$70.00$98.00$490.00

30" Wide Poly Lawn Roller Towable
with Optional Handle to Push

48" Wide Poly Lawn Towable Roller



Vibroplate Compactor$50.00$80.00$320.00

21" Push Mower

Self Propelled Mower




Compactor/ Rammer$55.00$85.00$250.00

Power Pruner (temporarily unavailable)$66.00$198.00

Stump Grinder$214.00$1070.00

20" 50cc Chain Saw$60.00$240.00

25 Ton Log Splitter$97.00$388.00