Ladders & Scaffolding

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Ladders & Scaffolding

4 Hour RateDaily RateWeekly Rate

Aluminum Step Ladder
6' Aluminum Step Ladder$9.00$15.00$45.00

HD Aluminum Step Ladder
8' HD Aluminum Step Ladder$13.00$19.00$57.00

HD Aluminum Step Ladder
12' HD Aluminum Step Ladder

16' HD Aluminum Step Ladder




Folding Extension Multi Ladder
22' Folding Extension Multi Ladder



Aluminum Extension Ladder
20' Aluminum Extension Ladder$18.00$22.00$66.00

Aluminum Extension Ladder
28' Aluminum Extension Ladder$22.00$32.00$96.00

Aluminum Extension Ladder
32' Aluminum Extension Ladder$32.00$45.00$135.00

Aluminum Extension Ladder
40' Aluminum Extension Ladder$38.00$50.00$150.00

Rolling Tower
6' Rolling Tower ​(Gaurd Railing Included)N/A$45.00$90.00

Rolling Tower with Outriggers
12' Rolling Tower w/ Outriggers (Gaurd RailingN/A$60.00$120.00
Section of ScaffoldingSection of Scaffolding
5x5 or 5x3 (includes 2 step frames, 2 cross braces, 4 inserts & pins)
per ​section
per section

Cross Brace Scaffolding
7' Cross BraceN/A$3.00$6.00

Side Toeboard
7' Side ToeboardN/A$3.00$6.00
Caster8" CasterN/A$4.00 (each)$8.00 (each)

Alum Plywood Walkboard
Alum Plywood Walkboard 19" x 7'N/A$6.00$12.00

Cat-A-Corner Squaring Brace
Cat-A-Corner Squaring BraceN/A$5.00$10.00

Hoist Arm
Hoist ArmN/A$6.00$12.00

Hoist Wheel
Hoist WheelN/A$5.00$10.00

Level Jack Extension with Base Plate
Level Jack Extension with Base PlateN/A$6.00 (each)$12.00 (each)

Rigid Base Plate
Rigid Base PlateN/A$2.00 (each)$4.00 (each)

Safety Railing
Safety Railing, 5' End Panel & Side Panel 7' ToeboardN/A$8.00
(per set)
(per set)

Side Bracket
Side BracketN/A$5.00$16.00
(per set)

Wide Outrigger
30" Wide OutriggerN/A$5.00 (each)$10.00 (each)