Dinner & Glassware

Dinner and Glassware​

Glassware will have some water spots. Polishing may be required prior to use. 

Event Rate

White Wine Glass
White Wine Glass$0.45

Red Wine Glass
Red Wine Glass$0.45

Champagne Flutes
Champagne Flutes$0.45

Martini Glass
10 oz. Martini Glass$0.85

Beverage Glasses
Beverage Glasses 16, 14.5, 10.5 and 9.5 oz.$0.45

Water Goblet
10.5 oz. Water Goblet$0.45
Large Long Stem Water GobletLarge Long Stem Water Goblet$0.75

10 Strawberry Street Simply White

Dinner Set
Dinner Plate

Salad/Dessert Plate

Soup/Cereal Bowls


Tea Cup







4 Piece Flatware

Silver and golden KnifeKnife
$0.45 Silver
$0.75 Gold

A Fork
Fork$0.45 Silver
$0.75 Gold

A Salad Fork
Salad Fork$0.45 Silver
$0.75 Gold

A Spoon
Spoon$0.45 Silver
$0.75 Gold
Large and Small Steak KnifeSteak Knife Small
Steak Knife Large